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Talk about me turtle neclaces

Talk about me turtle neclaces

SKU: 364115376135191

A selection of turtle pendants made using ocean plastics and microplastics cleaned from UK beaches and set into resin.

We encourage people to wear them, share them and talk about the plight of turtles eating ocean plastic and dying.

These turtle pendants are filled with nurdles and ocean microplastics collected from UK beaches.
The plastics are collected by hand, sorted, cleaned and turned into one of a kind unique pieces of jewellery.

By removing ocean plastics from beaches it permanently removes them from the cycle of pollution, preventing them from returning to the ocean. These necklaces are a mixture of nurdles (pre production microplastics and microplastics created from the breakdown of larger plastics.)



    The bezel and 16 inch chain are both stainless steel.


    Returns and exchanges accepted, but the buyer must pay postage costs.


    Everything is shipped within 2 working days.

    Packaging is all 100% recycled.