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Nurdle Nerd is on a mission to reduce ocean plastic are you with me?

Nurdles are tiny lentil sized microplastics, the building blocks used to make all plastic products because they are cheap and easy to melt and shape.

For more information about nurdles see the microplastics section.

About my Site...

Come with me and learn about Nurdle, Nurdles and all things plastic!!!


Nurdle titles

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Nurdle is a tiny microplastic.  He just wants to be useful, but is getting into all the wrong places.

This story shares the problem of single use plastics.

Nurdle and the Microplastics

Nurdle meets other microplastics in the ocean and finds out how they got there.

This story encourages children to look after their things, reduce, reuse and recyle.

Nurdle and the
Ghost Net


Nurdle and his family set off for adventures.  They soon find a dolphin trapped in a net who needs their help.

This story introduces children to the problems caused by fishing waste.


Free teaching resources


See resources section for free resources.  Please contact me for teaching or topic ideas

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