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About Me

I am a self confessed Nurdle nerd!

This is me.........
My name is Claire.  I'm a sea obsessed teacher and environmental educator.  I have always loved the ocean and grew up in beautiful Pembrokeshire.  I have been a beach cleaner for years, but discovered nurdles and microplastics a few years ago.  As a teacher I started to investigate the problem and share what I was finding with my children and my class and wrote Nurdle to spread the story as far as I could.

This website is a collection of all of the ideas and resources that I find on my journey.

I love the Sea...

I go to the beach whenever I can to swim, paddle board, walk, clean, breathe and just relax.
I want my children to enjoy the beaches that I remember from my childhood, with sea, sand, shells and wildlife.  NOT plastic!


Beach Cleaning

The ultimate mindful activity with added feel good!

There are many reasons to undertake a beach clean.  There is the mindful act of collecting things in the outdoors, the feel good factor of making a difference, the teamwork involved with taking part in an organised beach clean, or a beach clean for scientific purposes.

Whatever your reason, whatever the beach, the time of year or the weather have a go.  I guarantee you will LOVE it!

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