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Charmouth mega micro hunt

Last month Nurdle and I were invited to take part in the Charmouth Mega micro beach clean. I was super excited as Josh and the team from would be there with the micro-vacs. They did not disappoint, the most amazingly exciting and innovative things I have ever seen. They are specially adapted to suck up polystyrene, nurdles and plastics from the beach, removing them permanently from the cycle of pollution. Not only did I hoover a beach, but I loved it!

The clean up was a huge success and the beach was packed with volunteers. The Charmouth Heritage centre shared:

Just to say a huge thank you for today! I think that is about the biggest beach clean we have done. I think probably about 90 people but may have been 100. I lost count! 


We had 15.3kg of hard plastics,

2 bin bags of rope + one huge piece,

Small pile of scrap metal

5 bin bags of general rubbish (soft plastics, polystyrene etc)

And sacks and sacks and sacks of nurdles!

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