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Nurdle hunting just got bigger!

This weekend was spent in Charmouth with the most amazingly inspiring group of people. I joined Josh and the team from @nurdlecoasts and Roy from @cleanjurrasiccoast and we worked on the foreshore and along the reed beds to remove years of accumulated nurdles and biobeads. They were pretty soggy and embedded among roots, reeds, sticks and organic matter so the work was tough but rewarding. I saw the amazing potential of the Nurdle machine and was in awe at the physical effort needed to clear the microplastics. The smaller sticks and organic material had to be raked, then the larger plastic picked out before the machine could suck, sieve and sort the plastics from the organic material. The beach looked the best I have ever seen it, so the previous week spent clearing the nurdles earlier in the year made a huge impact!

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