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Shop Ocean Plastic

Treat yourself or a friend and help to spread the message about ocean plastic.

All of the jewellery can be customised in any colour and is designed to start conversations!

You can usually make purchases and see my full range of products at: however, this is currently under construction.  So I have photos of the type of jewellery you can order on my instagram site @seaborndesign all of the jewellery is made to order in any colour your chose

(oceans permitting!)

Re-using Nurdles and other plastics

Nurdles and microplastics cannot be recycled as it is impossible to tell what plastics they once were.  Removing them from the beach and using them to create something new, permanently reduces them from the cycle of pollution.

Ocean plastic jewellery

I realised that the colours of ocean plastics made them a brilliant resource for jewellery making.  The shards and microplastics are too brittle and tiny to do much with, but set into a mould in resin, you can create a whole new life for them.  The jewellery is designed to be statement pieces to start conversations about ocean plastics.

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