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The Great Global Nurdle Fact Hunt

You may have seen the ‘nurdley awesome’ new window display drawn by the incredibly talented Jo Joof, with a wave, a big Blue Whale and a scattering of little colourful Nurdle characters. Jo is the illustrator of Nurdle, but why is there a wave and a whale in October?

The window is to celebrate October being the start of the Great Global Nurdle Hunt where people across the World are encouraged to pull on their wellies and hunt for nurdles in their nearest waterway.

Nurdles are tiny lentil sized microplastics that are melted down to make every plastic product we purchase. As they are tiny, Nurdles escape from the factories and in transport, so end up being washed and blown into rivers, streams and the ocean. From there they are eaten by animals, or break up still further and enter our foodchains.

All nurdles found during October can be recorded on the Hunt database and this information is used to encourage governments around the world to make a difference and tackle our plastic problem.

But what happens if you don’t live near a beach or river, or you don’t find any nurdles? Have no fear, there is lots you can do!

You can find out all about nurdles and share their story by taking part in the Great Nurdle fact hunt.

Hidden in 3 locations in Frome (Millie Moon shop, Jo Joof in the Black Swan Studios and Hunting Raven bookshop) you will find 24 pictures of nurdles, each one containing a different fact. Locate and read all of the cards and share your 3 favourite facts with 3 friends and voila, you are sharing the story of microplastics and getting people talking!

If you don't live in Frome you can download your own fact hunt pdf from the resources section.

You can also think about cutting down on single use plastics. October is the perfect month for this.

Avoid the single use plastics filling the shops for Halloween and make your own costume and decorations. Make some spooky bunting, create your own spooky spider pom poms or even some day of the dead flowers to hang round the house.

Make your own sweets, chocolates, cakes or biscuits to share with friends and get creative with a DIY outfit.

Or sew your own Nurdle and make your own window display!

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